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OpenDoor Church is a community of believers, come see!

OpenDoor Church

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At our church we don’t want to just learn about God, we want to experience His presence. We don’t want to just preach about God, we want to demonstrate His very nature.

OpenDoor is a community of believers

It is a great joy to introduce you to our church. OpenDoor is a community of believers who have a passionate desire to provide a place where you can personally experience Life in Jesus Christ. OpenDoor is not just our name, its a description of our heart and we are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are in their spiritual walk. You will notice very quickly that our heart is to be life giving in every way possible. We began in 1995 as a food outreach to the poor, and only started the church out of necessity to disciple the people we were reaching out to. Today our Food Bank, gives away well over a million pounds of food every year to the hurting in our area and our church has grown to step up as a significant contribution to the body of Christ in our region. Together we are working hard to become the kind of church described in the bible. We teach relevant life giving truth and reach out to build honest friendships among us. OpenDoor Church is a church that loves to worship and our music ministry consists of musicians and ministers who have led worship in countries all over the world. 817-645-6200

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