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What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the way that you are marketing your business to the search engines or the process of gaining traffic from or visibility on search engines. When you place a listing on any web site that is pointing traffic to your website you are doing SEM. These listings are creating back-links that the search engines like Google and Yahoo use to help rank your website.

What are Other SEM Avenues?

Prior to setting up search engine marketing through directories, you would want to have your web analytic code set up on your web site. This helps the search engines to track your web site through their tracking software. By placing a search engines analytic code on your web site you help them to rank your site.

Overcoming the Competition through SEM

The general public has a choice as to using you or the competition. It always helps if they see your business name listed everywhere they go looking for your type of business search. If you find a directory and your competition is or is not listed in that directory, it is always best to add your listing to that directory, especially if it is a directory local to your location. No one wants his or her company to fall short. Ironically many businesses fail when it comes to their web presence in their local market. Don’t be left out, advertise with us today.

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